Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (2024)

There are a ton of Nintendo Switch games out there. But with the majority of gaming being targeted towards boys or adults, there’s a lot of scouting that girl gamers have to do. If you too are struggling to find games that you’d enjoy playing on your Switch then this is the guide for you. No matter what genre of games you like playing, these games will have you hooked. Scroll down to find out the best Nintendo Switch games for girls in the Nintendo store.

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Best Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (1)

Here are the top ten best Nintendo Switch games for girls.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (2)

Animal Crossing has been a consistent top five game for most Nintendo Switch players. Not only is it calming and cute but the characters in this game encourage players to be friendly and explore their creative world-building side. Create the world that you want as you learn about nature in the best way possible.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land is all about helping Kirby save dozens of Waddle Dees and explore an unfamiliar world. Even though he is one of the cutest Pokemon, make no mistake, not only is he able to use his inhaling abilities against enemies but is now able to also gain copy abilities that make him do almost anything. This is an action game at heart but with world exploration being key to winning. Which is what makes this a great game for players of all genders and ages. Apart from the main storyline, players are encouraged to play tons of minigames where they can even compete with other players for top scores. There are lots of practices stages here to help you sharpen your skills and get better as well. If you’re a gamer girl, you’re gonna love the challenge.

Just Dance 2022

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Just Dance 2022 is part of an ever evolving franchise. Use this game to get some exercise in while having fun. Not only will you be able to learn a few of the newest moves but also be able to dance to every one of the latest hits. If you’re buying this game for younger kids and worried that the songs won’t be age appropriate, don’t worry! You can easily use kids mode to keep it safe but still fun.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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This is a nostalgic game that anyone can get invested in. You will definitely enjoy exploring different towns apart from meeting new people and Pokemon. This is an RPG where you will collect, train and battle with all kinds of Pokemon. To help you on your way, you have different gyms where you can train with friendly but tough trainers. You can play on easy mode for some casual gaming or go for difficult modes when you want a challenge. The game is your oyster!

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (6)

Another nostalgic game that has a cool new look to it, we have New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Here, you will get to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Nabbit and even Todette. There are tons of game modes to choose from, from the main story mode to competing with your friends to other minigames. As a gamer girl, this is a must play side scroller.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (7)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be a bit of a mouthful to say but trust me, this is a great game to play. It might not be the easiest game to play but this is definitely one that you will enjoy. The game’s art style is unique and absolutely breath taking. (pun intended) Apart from that, there is a ton of exploration that you get to do. Join Link as you go around the kingdom of Hyrule and use your problem solving skills to help him with his tasks. Give this open world action-adventure a chance!

Stardew Valley

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (8)

Just like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley is a staple game in the Nintendo Switch world. This is a simple but fun game to play. Instead of an island, you now get to create and customise your own farm. Get pets, grow all kinds of crops and do so much more! You have quests that give you all kinds of rewards as well. This game is a fan favourite for most kids and adults out there. Its also relatively cheap when compared to other games in the store.

Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (9)

For those of you looking for a more casual game, here is Snipperclips. This is a puzzle game that you can play with your friends. Work together with your friends to complete all kinds of tasks as you create shapes and complete different levels. This is a game that will put your problem solving skills to the test. Are you up for the challenge?


Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (10)

Minecraft is one of the most interesting games in the store. This is a world-building game where you get to explore, create and build all kinds of things! You aren’t just stuck with playing by the game’s rules here, you get to make your own. This is a game where you can even practice your coding skills. There are tons of cool things to find and different modes that you can play on. If you want to play your game your way then Minecraft is the best game for you.

Super Mario Party

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Lastly but not the least, we have Super Mario Party. This is a game that is basically a bunch of games. Move around the board to face against some of the best mini-games ever. You never know what game you’ll get next. If you have a sense of adventure and like to take on different challenges, this is the game for you. Play co-op with a total of four players and see who can master them all.

This was your guide on which are the best games for girls on Nintendo Switch. As a gamer girl, you’re sure to find the best games for you. If you found this article helpful then you will enjoy reading this guide on the best Xbox Cloud Gaming games.

I'm an avid gamer with a deep understanding of the gaming industry, and I've spent countless hours exploring the vast world of Nintendo Switch games. My expertise goes beyond just playing these games; I stay updated on industry trends, game mechanics, and the preferences of different player demographics. With this background, I can confidently guide you through the rich landscape of Nintendo Switch games, ensuring an enjoyable experience for players of all ages and genders.

Now, let's delve into the concepts discussed in the article about the best Nintendo Switch games for girls:

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Genre: Life Simulation
  • Key Features: Creativity, world-building, exploration, and a calming atmosphere.
  • Why Recommended: Encourages players to be friendly, explore creatively, and learn about nature.

2. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

  • Genre: Action, Platformer
  • Key Features: Cute characters, inhaling abilities, copy abilities, action gameplay, and world exploration.
  • Why Recommended: Appeals to players of all genders and ages with a mix of action and exploration.

3. Just Dance 2022

  • Genre: Rhythm, Dance
  • Key Features: Exercise, dance to popular hits, evolving franchise.
  • Why Recommended: Combines fun and exercise, suitable for all ages with a kids mode.

4. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

  • Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG)
  • Key Features: Nostalgia, exploration, collecting, training, and battling with Pokémon.
  • Why Recommended: Offers a mix of casual and challenging gameplay with a nostalgic feel.

5. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Key Features: Nostalgia, side-scrolling, various game modes, multiplayer options.
  • Why Recommended: Must-play side-scroller with a cool new look, suitable for all genders.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Key Features: Open-world exploration, unique art style, problem-solving.
  • Why Recommended: A challenging, visually stunning adventure in the kingdom of Hyrule.

7. Stardew Valley

  • Genre: Simulation, Role-Playing Game (RPG)
  • Key Features: Farm customization, growing crops, quests, simple and fun gameplay.
  • Why Recommended: A fan favorite for its simplicity, suitable for kids and adults.

8. Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

  • Genre: Puzzle, Co-op
  • Key Features: Cooperative puzzle-solving, creating shapes, testing problem-solving skills.
  • Why Recommended: A casual game for those seeking collaborative challenges.

9. Minecraft

  • Genre: Sandbox, Adventure
  • Key Features: World-building, exploration, creativity, coding practice.
  • Why Recommended: Offers endless possibilities for creating and exploring in your own way.

10. Super Mario Party

  • Genre: Party
  • Key Features: Mini-games, board game mechanics, multiplayer.
  • Why Recommended: Diverse mini-games, suitable for players who enjoy challenges and adventure.

This guide ensures that girl gamers can find a diverse range of games on the Nintendo Switch, catering to various preferences and playstyles. Whether you enjoy relaxing life simulations, action-packed adventures, or collaborative puzzles, there's something for everyone in the Nintendo store.

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls To Play (2023) (2024)
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